Pro Silva Silviculture (English)

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ONLY ON PDF Table of Contents  1 INTRODUCTION • Pro Silva forest management • Why publish a circular on Pro Silva forest management? • Aims of the circular and this document 2 THE FOREST MANAGEMENT MEASURES ADVOCATED BY CIRCULAR 2718Measure 1: Applying irregular high forest management and achieving or maintaining a mixture of species - Irregular high forest management - Harvesting cycles and extraction rates - Social structuring of trees in irregular high forests - The species mix • Measure 2: Achieving or maintaining an optimal basal area allowing the forest ecosystem to function well - Optimal standing volume 2 - Remarks about the basal area • Measure 3: Harvesting Large Wood at target diameter and thinning Small Wood and pole size material - Harvesting size - A few general selective marking rules • Measure 4: Regenerating the stands naturally, without sacrificing harvesting potential . Using natural regeneration in all its diversity - Diffuse natural regeneration - …and diffuse light • Measure 5: Letting the process of species succession take place • Measure 6: Bringing up seedlings under the canopy and using the natural tree pruning and quality improvement processes • Measure 7: Favouring scarce indigenous species • Measure 8: Focusing production on quality Large Wood - The various ‘models’ of quality trees - Selling the Large Wood • Measure 9: Giving trees of value the necessary space and positioning to ensure their good development • Measure 10: Maintaining or restoring the forest/game balance to ensure the regeneration and permanence of endemic forest species 3  BEST PRACTICES  4  TRANSITIONAL OR EXCEPTIONAL MEASURES  • Food patches and feeding • Enrichment planting by groups or clumps under shelter • Transformation and conversion to mixed irregular stands 5  CONCLUSIONS  6  TO GO FURTHER  210 x 297 mm, 60 pages.

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